Today is day eleventy hundred and forty seven of rain, I exaggerate the number but it’s right up there with obscene the amount of rain we’ve had since last week. With the forecast looking pretty grim up to next Wednesday, I’ll be shocked if my neighbors trees don’t start falling over given the amount of rain soaked into the ground.

My front yard looks like a jungle because it has yet to be mowed and it can’t be mowed until it stops raining and dries out so its all just continuing to grow. I like to walk outside every morning belting out guns and roses and spinning a few times… Yes…even in the rain… my hair looks horrible. Welcome to the Jungle…

I did successfully dye my hair. However, my hair is so dark and the color is so dark they blend together. What I need are some florescent lights or sunshine so I can take a picture and do it justice. Unfortunately, until the sun comes back, it looks like a right mess.

Enough about that, even though I didn’t work yesterday. I didn’t work in any of my WIPS, but I did make mental notes on things I wanted to add/change so that’s an accomplishment in of itself.

Less than 3 months until my vacation to New York, I’m so excited to get back to the city where all things started. My book journey came about after meeting these fabulous people. I fell in love with it almost instantaneously and look forward to future endeavors.

To make this blog post a little more interesting, I’ve decided that I’d like to add a what I’m doing section to each post. What I’m reading, eating, listening to, etc. Maybe you’ll want to follow along, or maybe this is just stupid but honestly, who cares.

I’m currently reading, well re-reading: Motorcycle Man from Kristen Ashley – it’s the 4th book in the dream man series Tack and Tyra… Tack is a motorcycle man, through and through.. All buff, mature silver fox who knows what he wants and finds it in a kick-ass redhead who he quickly realizes is his equal. Now I love all the men from this series, Hawk, Brock, Mitch are all great heros… Tack is the man who steals my heart continuously.

Click on the book to purchase if you haven’t read it.

I’m currently eating, Bischoff’s cookie butter…because I can.

I’m currently listening to, The Smashing Pumpkins, 1979.. It’s one of those songs that just keeps me on an even-keel.

All right, I’ve been here entirely too long.. its time for me to get myself ready for work..

Have a great day.