Two of my closest are in New York for the rights fair, the rights fair is a convention where agents can go and meet people in the book industry in hopes of selling their catalogs to industry professionals. Which include traditional publishers, tv and movie executives. It’s a lot of fun to me, well on the outside looking in.

Well except the room they’re sharing is a tiny shoebox sized place… they took a picture and I felt left out so I drew myself in.

Now they’re eating all the good food, I didn’t get the good food.

But then Stephanie got hit on a man and offered her a trip to Israel.

Our first time in New York, Elizabeth got hit on by a Polish man who made it rain twenties outside of the hotel.

I can’t let either of them go places without me.

At least I still own being felt up by Elmo in times square… no freaking way will my mind ever delete that memory even if I desperately want it to.

Have a great one.