Today is the day we celebrate the birth of baby Robert, my boss Brandon & wife Nina’s little boy.

He’s six weeks old so this is a baby shower but more of a welcome baby shower, either way it was worth it.

We were late, really late. I had to pick up a co-worker and find ice, before heading to the party but the weather was uncooperative. GPS sent me into DC, specifically 295 which floods really easily and I wasn’t happy.

We finally got there way after the time we were supposed to be there but we didn’t care, the baby made everything worth it. Brandon, he liked my present.

Let me tell you that $250 Cricut, I have collecting dust, surely does come in handy to make fabulous projects. The other times it makes a pretty nice paper weight in my office.

So, to reveal the present in its entirety…

I can’t begin to explain someone being happy at just the smallest gesture of kindness.

Have a wonderful night..I get tomorrow off!!