Those who know me well enough know that I am just me.

I’m a social butterfly, I can talk to anyone. I’ve encountered loads of people and yet…I still have dork moments..

Sometimes those dork moments are embarrassing dork moments.

Like the time I screamed “Oh My God, It’s Samantha Chase” in a crowded hotel lobby.. – She loved it and loved me for it. I’m still one of her favorite people in the world. This has become our thing, every year I see her I scream the same phrase. I tracked her down in Vegas and didn’t do it because her husband and a line of people were at a restaurant. I saved it for later..

I could go on and on…

I thought that I was getting better, I did.

Then, I talked to a boy. A real-life handsome boy and my dork came out in the biggest way. I shared, some may think I’ve overshared a ton but the point is after all that time of me being a dork…Afterwards he still talked to me.

isn’t that what anyone strives for? Someone that will say sweet things to you, make sure you’re doing okay? The romantic knight in shining armor, who makes your heart stutter.

I got that! I got that and even though he knows I’m a dork, I got that.

(in real life I would spontaneously break out in dance moves..I’m actually bouncing in my desk chair.)