I’m thinking the rain will stop today, outside smells like wet dog. Inside of stores smell like wet dog. people are beginning to smell like wet dogs. I’m going to spend my day straightening and rearranging my office. I was trying to justify why is it that I have three containers of pens when clearly one may be enough and then I move my laptop and find another pen container but it’s empty. Why do I have a pair of neon green gloves folded up on a shelf when I don’t own a pair of neon green gloves, who do these gloves belong to? I have a ruler for some unknown reason. Why do I have two unused travel cups on my desk when I don’t use travel cups at all, this is why I have no space. I have a basket filled with notebooks that I need to go through because I’ve got stories in them. I have a container of unopened cocoa puffs and a jar of peanut butter… why? I’m convinced I have the desktop of a child. Then I see my daughters desk, one container of pens, her laptop and one bag of flaming hot cheetos. Clearly I fail at adulting while she’s excelling and making it her bitch. At least I get to stare at my autographed picture of Debra and Jase while I contemplate where I’ve gone wrong in my life.   Have a wonderful Saturday..