Yesterday sucked…

Every moment of it seemed to suck a little harder than the previous.

It started like any other day, wake up, check my game, check my emails (my boss has a new baby and let’s say he’s up at all hours and will indeed email me) then I make rounds…send off a snap to snapchat..gotta keep that streak alive although  Debra & Stephanie both dropped the proverbial ball..only Elizabeth and I keeping it going.

Log into Facebook and see a post by my friend Kim.

Then my best friend.

So I open messenger and in our group discussion it’s all right there..

Someone had decided to copyright the word “Forever”… That’s right folks, FOREVER!

You’d think this would be a complete shock to the system but it’s not.. you see a couple weeks before someone decided to copyright the word “Cocky”.

That spawned into outrage and an outcry of support was given to those authors who had received letters from an author stating really bad things… I won’t even go into them because I refuse to repeat it so you can read about it here.

So, to see this happen again this way and then what unfolded afterwards…I mean what in the actual fuck, we’re not stupid. We’ve already seen this is action so where was there any indication to give anyone that it would be a good idea to act in the same manner..

Then someone, a ranked author, someone who knew of the drama, well… All I can tell you is, it was a clusterfuck from jump and I went to the one person who I knew personally and who would be affected by this situation.

I’ve known Mary Wasowski for years, I know her husband and her children. Mary gives the absolute best hugs and they sing me Happy Birthday on my Birthday because they’re amazing people. The bulk of Mary’s books are called The Forever Series.. She was absolutely beside herself. The ramifications of the trademark of the word forever would kill her writing career. The worst part, the person who did it was her friend.

After speaking with Stephanie, I got the contact info for RWA so Mary could contact them about her concerns.

You see, I take my friendships very seriously. Mary is like family, her husband and children I adore. Knowing that someone made her cry because of their greed and selfishness, I get really angry… Any sort of friendship or respect I had with the person who did this.. gone in an instant. So I spent the day livid, pissed off, sending out this vibe where all the crazies just… no

I worried for Mary..

Things began to unravel, I tried to keep up as much as I could throughout the day but alas.. I was working when things were at their peak so I didn’t get the whole story until I was off work and then… Well read this and you’ll get the gist.

Today, a lot of my friends were hurt and scared by what had happened.

A lot of my friends were angered by having to deal with this again nearly two weeks later.

A lot of my friends, myself included, all came to the conclusion that this is the biggest load of bullshit we’d ever read.

And with that, you won’t ever have to worry about me.. You’ve lost any respect I had for you.

Hell, you lost that in the book world in its entirety..  please stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for the things you do…

and with that I’ll leave you with this.

Happy Thursday!