Book Description:

Christianna Thomas’ life was boring, When her sister Alexandra convinces her that it’s time to live a little, she embarks on a night out but manages to retain no memory of the event. She contents herself, however, with her new career as a writer – something she’s always wanted to do. During an event held for her father, she comes face to face with a man she though had only been a dream. Nicholas Prescotti, too, has been haunted by that night and this woman he’s only seen in flashes that he doesn’t believe are real. It took one moment for Nicholas to see Christianna before the memories of that mysterious night come flooding back. As they find in each other something the never could have anticipated, their lives are overshadowed by the danger that threatens them both. When Christianna learns of the truths and dangers, will she leave Nicholas or will she discover that she can’t walk away.