Book Description:

Becoming best friends was easy.
Becoming Sisters was a blessing.

Two girls, with similar pasts, find solace together when all they had was each other.

Madison and Charlotte were taken in by a good family, given the life they’d always dreamed, along with an overprotective big brother. As they got older Madison began to follow the path her mother lived. While Charlotte, was afraid she’d lose everyone she’d come to love.

When the wall of betrayal and lies they’ve built to protect themselves start to crumble, how well will their fragile bonds hold when their secrets come out?

Choices are made.
Different roads taken.
A family torn apart.

Will Madison ever change?

Will Charlotte find what she’s been looking for?

Are their lies too tangled to unravel or will they find salvation before it’s too late?

*** This book contains adult content and not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. It contains Drug use and adult situations.***

~This book is told in multiple points of views~